Yep, that’s me.


This is it…the about page! Hopefully, I’ll fill this with exciting tidbits that educate you, the intrepid web wanderer, about why the Guardian Elite webcomic exists in the first place.

No idea, really. I just got a wild hair up my ass to do a comic. I haven’t tried to draw a one since the early 90s. I had a nasty habit of starting big epic adventures in pen and ink only to be sidetracked by other bigger and more exciting things. This of course meant that I had a lot of half finished comics collecting dust or getting worked over by inconsiderate cats! Those were the aimless days of working food service where the lack of creative stimuli caused brain overload with endless plot lines and character designs and big, big plans! I couldn’t get them out fast enough. I had no discipline, so nothing got finished.

Now working as a professional artist you can’t get away with that. Paychecks are on the line! My first professional job was doing dot matrix animations for Data East/Sega Pinball! That led a to brief yet traumatic video game experience on Tattoo Assassins. Next up was 3d animation on a couple of Pinball 2000 machines at Williams, which eventually lead to working on gaming machines at IGT. None of which involved comics and none of which engaged my drawing stumps. Those muscles atrophy after a while. So, to make a long story even longer, I’m creating the Guardian Elite to exercise my drawing skills, play around with storytelling, and to relive those carefree days of wild abandon from when I was a kid. We’re not talking Moby Dick here, folks, so bear with me.

Take that for what it’s worth and enjoy The Guardian Elite!

-Jack Liddon