What do you know, I’m back to my weekly schedule of updates. As you’ll see, The Guardian Elite has a bit of a dark underbelly. Middle East/Israeli politics, suicide bombers, rape, gay bullying, and so on. Bet you didn’t see that coming! Every character in this series carries a little baggage and I can’t wait to throw open the closet doors to reveal those dirty little skeletons. Intermixed throughout the comic, as you may have noticed, I’ll be throwing in single page backgrounds and origin stories for each of the characters. I’ve been told that this might be a bit too much. Too confusing. Too convoluted. Maybe. Maybe not. Time will tell.

Technically, this was another nightmare of a coloring job. I really have no method to my madness. I’m winging it the best I can. This may by the most research I’ve done on a page. Israeli soldiers and their particular uniforms and gear, the proper city and correct year for this kind of shit to be taking place. Hell, trying to find the proper gay slurs used in that part of the world. How I pull off writing an ex-Israeli special forces commando turned superhero and his gay, Palestinian, sidekick… no fucking clue. We’ll see.